Can You Really Make a Living Playing the Lotto? – Playing gambling

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery someday; no more worrying about bills or money in general. With lots of money usually comes lots of friends and no matter what anybody else tells you… money can bring happiness.The average person who plays the typical pick five lottery each day has about 1 in 1,000,000 chance of actually winning the jackpot. These seem like astronomical odds that could never be overcome; well that’s pretty much true. If you play the lottery with no strategy you might as well be throwing money down the toilet. The solution to overcoming such odds is to use a reputable strategy that has been tested over and over again and has been proven to work. There are people out there who have one the lottery multiple times…and trust me when I say: they are using something other than just pure luck.Start with my pick three strategy for example:1. Go to your state lottery website and find out which number shows up the most in the last 100 drawings2. Once you have found that number (typically turns out to be 2,7,5) you are ready to map out your winnings3. Take that number and purchase every combo of that number (excluding any doubles)… and remember to “box” these numbers or else you will end up spending more than you’ll win4. Watch the next drawing in relaxed confidence5. Collect your winningsTry this strategy and you’ll never turn back.